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Who Am I? 

You desire a career that energizes you. You want to do your best every day and be challenged by the work you do. You are either a top performer looking to up your game or someone who isn’t sure what path to take.  


I help you discover what sets you apart.

I am an innovative career coach who can help you discover what makes you different from everyone else. I help you understand what skills you have so you can excel in your current career or confidently make decisions about what your career path should be.

I spent a long time ignoring my super powers.


I know what it’s like to be amazing at your job and still feel like you’re not doing the work you love. For more than 20 years, I worked for a high-tech company managing people, projects, websites and events. I built my career year-by-year, taking on new challenges, learning new skills and continually asking my boss “What’s next?”


Occasionally I’d hear a whisper of discontent - why am I doing this? Is this really what I want? Surely there’s something else? And every time, I pushed the thoughts away. I told myself what a great job I had, what extraordinary people I worked with, what a nice sum of money I made and how lucky I was to have a flexible schedule.


And each time, I believed the words I told myself. I convinced myself it was okay not to love what I did. It was okay to feel “fine” about going to work. That having the time to spend with my family, and the great money and benefits were what I needed. That they were all I needed.


I was so wrong.

A few years ago, during a team building event, I was introduced to the concept of figuring out what people are doing right, instead of what they are doing wrong. I was given the tools to figure out my natural abilities and recognize when I was using them. I was shown how to describe my talents to those I worked with and how to consistently apply them toward a goal.


I discovered what set me apart from everyone else. My talents lie in building relationships, influencing others and strategic thinking. I thrive in a room full of people whether I know them or not. In my corporate role, I lived in a land of customer support, data analysis, project plans and customer data maintenance.


I struggled to match my talents to my responsibilities at work. It was hard. My job required me to analyze data and manipulate spreadsheets, but my heart pushed me to spend more time talking to and understanding people.


Once I discovered my super powers, I couldn’t ignore them anymore, so I began to coach.


After being certified, I began to mentor those who worked for me in a new way. I probed about what they liked to do - about what sets them on fire. I assigned them to projects that would highlight their strengths and encouraged them to tackle day-to-day assignments in a style that fit them, not the structure that was status quo.


I watched them soar. I watched them evolve from a state of confusion about what they’d been told they do well to a state of enlightenment about what they excelled at innately. I saw them grow confident in applying their strengths and realize their own career paths.


Soon, I began to mentor family and friends in the same way. Again, and again, I saw people move from confusion to understanding. I saw light bulb after light bulb turn on. I saw sparks of happiness and energy where before there was complacency.  And I loved it!


Which brings us to today.


In 2016, I left my corporate position to start my own career coaching business. I get to use my superpowers of relationship building, influencing and strategic thinking to show people that finding a career they love is possible.


I am so inspired to work with people every day who just want to be better. They want to take their career to the next level or have clarity around decisions regarding their career.  I give them the tools I was given, guide them to their “a-ha” moment and then watch them soar.

Learn more about how we can work together by emailing me at

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