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Make Your Job Better...Or Find A New One

Something Isn't Quite Right


When you first started your job, you were energized by meeting new people and taking on new challenges. You were excited to get into work every day. Lately, something has changed.


You feel frustrated that you aren’t being given work that you were hired to do. Or you just don’t like what you are doing anymore - your job just doesn’t challenge you the way it used to. You are confused because you see others get opportunities you feel you deserve. You aren’t happy, and you question whether this is the right job for you.

You generally like the people you work with and the company too, you just know something isn’t right. You have some hard questions to answer. It’s possible your current role isn’t a good fit, and you may need to think about looking elsewhere. Where do you start?

It's Time To Move Forward

You’re ready to have the job of your dreams. You want to wake up every day excited and energized to go to work and do your job.

More importantly, you’re ready to get paid to do work you love, using the skills you know you have. You’re excited to showcase your talents and feel successful using them. You are ready to focus on the skills you can do really well instead of fixing a skill that needs improvement.

The Answer Is Near

I help people who feel stuck in their career or work environment. I match what you love to do with a new career field that interests you or I work with you to redefine how your skills match your current work environment.

Together, we’ll discover your best skills and explore the optimal way to leverage them. You’ll have the words to describe what you are good at so you can easily explain your value to those who work with you. You’ll have a better sense of whether your current role is right or if you need to move on.

Find A Job You Love

Through working with me, you will:

  • Feel confident knowing what to look for in a work environment or career field that best match your skill set.

  • Understand how you can leverage your skills in any work environment and easily sell them to your boss and coworkers.

  • Be relieved because you’ll have specific, actionable steps identified to move forward, whether you’re leaving your current role or applying your skills to your current one.  

Your Make Your Job Better program includes: 

Career And Skills Discovery

This two-part assessment will help you get clear on what you want from your career and discover the top five things you do really well. You’ll feel re-energized taking the first step to moving your career forward by defining what’s important to you and learning how to sell yourself in a way you never have before.

Strengths Exploration Session

In this 90-minute coaching session, we’ll review your career goals so you are clear on what’s important to you. We’ll take a deep dive into understanding your top five skills, and I’ll demonstrate how to use these skills to sell yourself in your current work environment or a new one.

Flex Your New Career Muscles

You’ll leave our session with a “Strengths in Action” template outlining each of your top five strengths and examples of how they show up at work. And you’ll have between three to five actionable steps you can take to help you decide if you should look for a new job or stay where you are.

And the Answer Is...

Two to three weeks after our exploration session, we’ll check-in for 30 minutes to see what progress you’ve made on the actions we identified. Then, using what you’ve learned, we’ll determine what your next step is. We’ll also take another look at your top five strengths and address any questions you might have.

You're Ready To Take This Step

You can put aside the worry, doubt and frustration you’ve had around your job. You’ll know  whether or not you should stay in your current work environment or move on. And you’ll feel confident knowing you can do work that you’re good at and that makes you feel fulfilled.

Investment: $125

Let's Get Started. I'm Excited To Work With You!

Step 1: Fill out the "Contact Info" form below and make your payment.


Step 2: Look for an email from me (within 24 hours) that will contain your “Career Goals Questionnaire,” access to an online assessment that will pinpoint your top skills and information on scheduling our sessions. You’ll need to complete both the questionnaire and assessment at least 48 hours prior to our first session.


Step 4: I’ll call you at the number you provide below at our agreed upon time.

Step 5: Be ready to be engaged and excited by the work you do.

It really is that easy! If you still have questions, reach out. I'm happy to help! 

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